Adrian Duck

Breeder of Top Quality Exhibition Budgerigars

Swindon BS & Bath Rares Challenge Certificate Winners 2014>

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<p><center><font color=Spangle SkyBlue Cock

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I started in exhibition birds, like so many who stumble upon this great hobby, by breeding a few pet budgies in a garden aviary. One young budgie escaped and in my attempt to find it I came across a neighbour who also kept budgies. He was Ray Barnett who was breeding exhibition budgies and was a member of the local club at Swindon. We became close friends and this led me to become a member of Swindon B&FBS as it was then. From there on with his advice and that of other Swindon members, my interest grew.

I rebuilt my garden aviary to provide me with individual breeding cages and a set up more contusive to breeding exhibition budgies.
I bought birds from several local fanciers and one of these birds led to my first success on the show bench.

The bug truly bit after I won a Challenge Certificate with an opaline sky blue cock at my first show which was at South Hampshire BS in 1994. From this position I moved further a field to seek quality stock.

Below: Opaline Cinnamon Skyblue Hen
Winner of Challenge Certificate at Somerset BS Gold Patronage Show 2013

Adrian Duck - Intermediate Budgerigar Breeder

I approached Brian Sweeting and asked if he could help me with some higher quality birds. He invited me to visit and take a look at a few birds that were available. Amongst these birds was a grey green hen which he had used himself. I thought if she was good enough for him she would almost certainly be good enough for me. This hen provided me with five rounds of chicks which became the foundation of my entire stud. I have had a few more birds from Brian over the years to strengthen the depth of quality in my stud.

As I have progressed through the sections I have been fortunate enough to win many section awards and Challenge Certificates. I am currently in my fourth year as an intermediate breeder.


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